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About the AAPU

In the early 1980s small regional groups of pediatric urologists would get together for a weekend meeting to discuss interesting cases, new techniques, and get advice from each other about problem cases. The first group developed on the East Coast and they were called "EPUS". The next group developed in the Midwest and was called "MePUS". Finally a group developed on the West Coast called "WePUS" whose name was eventually was changed to "PRIAPUS". In 1986 or so, Mark Zaontz and David Roth came up with an idea of creating a similar organization for younger pediatric urologists across the US with a similar objective but with a longer and more social meeting involving families. The first meeting of the "Society of Young University Pediatric Urologists" was in 1987 in La Quinta, California. To the best of combined memories the original 11 attendees were David Roth, Mark Zaontz, Hrair Mesrobian, Ross Decter, Barry Kogan, Bob Bailey, George Steinhardt, Marty Koyle, Rick Hurwitz, Sol Greenfield, and Mike Packer. The criteria for membership were that you had to graduate from your fellowship after 1980. I graduated in 1980 and Marty Koyle sneaked me in through the back door for which I am ever grateful. After several years, the name of the organization was changed to the American Association of Pediatric Urologists.

The meeting in Cabo San Lucas was the 30th meeting of the AAPU. I believe that the mission of the AAPU has been fulfilled many times over through the years — outstanding teaching and wonderful camaraderie. 


Looking forward to Telluride!

Rick Hurwitz, M.D.

AAPU Historian

We currently have over 200 members!

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